The African American Wedding Afterglow


A afterglow is a really popular trend today to entertain the family and out-of-town wedding guests the day after the wedding. I had an occasion to host an outdoor party in the summer for my neighbor’s daughter. Family and friends flew in from everywhere for the wedding, and the party was held in the back yard next to our flower garden which was a perfect finale.

People will have had a change to relax, unwind and exchange stories, look at videotapes of the wedding, open presents, exchange addresses, and to say their good byes before heading to the airport.

The afterglow invitation was from noon until three, and a chef friend of mine prepared a light brunch for the group .In large glass bowls I also served fresh strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. People helped themselves to a variety of beverages. Everyone felt very relaxed and refreshed.


A Lovely African American - Real Cute!