Wedding Cake

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When you think of wedding receptions, what is the one thing that they all have? A beautiful wedding cake. The symbol of the wedding cake and the cake cutting ceremony will evolve the bride and groom into their first joint act as a married couple; a commitment to provide for each other, and the life you will share together.

The wedding cake should taste delicious, however, it is not just a dessert. The

cake table should be an integral part of the reception, so place it in a strategic location where all of your guests can easily see it. One might suggest in the center of the room for all to see. Or how about placing your wedding cake in a corner with a small spotlight highlighting it.


Cake Table

Some suggestions for decorating the cake table are to use a lace tablecloth. Also using a length of tulle loosely billowed on the top of the table gives the impression of your cake floating on clouds. Another suggestion is to swag the table with tulle, organza, lame, or garlands of greenery and flowers.

Desert Bar

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Have a dessert bar with different delicacies such as cookies, brownies, bite-sized cheesecakes, or petite fours. Another good idea to try is to make your wedding cake the centerpiece and surround the cake with the tiny delicacies. Some couples really don’t care for the one large cake so they get a small one. An alternative is to try the only big enough for two cakes which you and your new husband get to cut and feed each other only.

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