FLower Girl

Your flower girl can be a neighbor’s child, sister, or a friend of the family little girl.

This of course is an option to add a little girl to your ceremony or not.

This child should be around the ages of 4-8. Sometime people have a 3 year old also. It is important the you use your judgment here. This little girl will walk down the aisle before the maid of honor. You should provide the basket and rose petals for her to sprinkle as she is walking.

Here is a few helpful tips

The bride is the one who picks out the flower girl dresses.

If you go online you can value shop for bargains.

Order the dress early incase you will have to return it.

You can have more than one little girl.

You can include your flower girl to be a part of you shower and invite her to the rehearsal dinner. This way she can get to know the wedding party.

Have the little girls parents near by so that she will not be so nervous walking down the aisle.

Rehearse with you little girl at least a few times until she feel comfortable.