What will your wedding theme be ?

Choosing a wedding theme for your wedding can really be a lot of fun. But first of all it's really important to establish your budget and then select a theme for your wedding and reception.

The reasons why you should choose your theme at the start of your planning:

When choosing a theme ahead of time the planning can actually become easier because the theme itself will determine which ceremony and receptions sites you choose, the type of wedding gown to wear, what type of music, florals, food, cake and decorations you will want to have. Your theme should create the mood that ties all these things together. By doing this you will avoid problems.

Okay, so now that we've decided it's a good idea to have a theme, how do we go about selecting one?

Now that you’ve figured your budget and theme what you consider next to do?

Many couples have had a theme that carries over from the ceremony to the reception, or you can choose two different themes.

Here are some ideas for an theme that can be used for your ceremony. Also remember to expand these ideas by using your own creative ideas.

1.Summer Garden Party

2.Nostalgia (your favorite time period)



5.Fifties Sock Hop

6.Mexican Fiesta

7.Hearts and Flowers

8.Rose Garden

9.Winter Wonderland


11. Victorian

12.Autumn Fall Harvest

13.Scandinavian Romantic Feast

14.Tropical Rain Forest

15.Canadian Sunset



18.Mountain Ski Resort

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