The Grooms

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The grooms in the wedding do have things to do with the wedding preparation.

A lot of times men take it for granted that everything falls in the brides hands.

The traditional responsibility has been that men have helped in the financial section of the wedding planning.

Some of the responsibilities are

Being involved with the guest list that the bride is working on.

The plans for the honeymoon

The engagement ring

The marriage license. This needs to be given to the best man on the day of the wedding.


Help with the purchasing of gifts for the best man and ushers.

Fees that need to be paid for the wedding ceremony.

Last being on time for the wedding and ready

Being involved in picking out the groom’s cake

The grooms cake has been a southern tradition. This cake is based upon the groom’s hobby, profession, and interest.

IF he likes fishing some couple have a made the cake into a shape of a fish or have a fish designed on the cake. Another man may love cars and he may choose to have a design of a car put on the cake .

One can really have fun and be unique on designing a groom's cake.