Second Marriage Tips

Getting Remarried in Style

It looks like everyone has an opinion on second weddings. Some say that you shouldn't wear white or you shouldn't have a big second wedding. If you're planning a second wedding while trying to sort out etiquette from opinions, here are some ideas to help you along.

The Second Wedding Attire

The great news is that the old rule about not wearing white for a second wedding has been thrown out. You can wear whatever color makes you feel good. Most brides getting remarried have already had their white dress moment the first time around, and so opt for a more mature look such as a suit or a simple cocktail dress.

Now, if you eloped the first time, or simply want to have that white dress moment again, there's no reason why you can't. In fact, as divorce and remarriage becomes an evermore-regular part of our society, the possibilities for what a second wedding dress can be are endless it’s really up to you.

Some ideas for a second wedding: You could purchase that designer dress that you've been dying for, but couldn't justify its expense or perhaps what about wearing an off-white floor-length dress. Maybe you would like to buy a beautiful suit, in a striking color just to be a little jazzy. The ideas are limitless.

The announcing of your engagement

If you have children they should be the first to know. You can ask them if they'd rather tell their other parent, or if they prefer that you should tell them yourself. If you don't have children, it is certainly not mandatory that you inform your ex-spouse. One way of informing the ex-spouse is to send a letter saying (an example) I just wanted to share with you the great news that Mark and I are getting married. I've already told our children, and asked them to be a part of the wedding ceremony.

The registering and Wedding Gifts for a Second Wedding

The rules of etiquette state that gifts are not mandatory for a second wedding. Most second time brides and grooms already have their own households. However, gifts are now much more common for a second wedding. To start just register like you did for your first wedding. You may wish to register for more fun things such as art deco, or at a store like Target where you can register for everything from furniture to electronics as well as home goods.

A twist to bridal registry

Second Marriage Bridal Gowns

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