Bridal bouquets


The Bridal bouquets are usually hand tied with ribbon or fixed in an oasis (of a water soaked Styrofoam-like substance inside a plastic holder) and this is coordinated with the flowers worn or carried by the rest of the wedding party, as well as with other floral arrangements on the site. Traditionally, the bouquet is white, but, there are many creative alternatives and various shapes, sizes, and styles to choose from. Some brides select a combination of flowers whose first initials spell out her grooms name or a romantic message.


If you are after fragrance as well as appearance, roses which come in various colors like the lavender rose, the red rose, the yellow rose as well as peach,white,jade, and pink roses will give the fragrance and a colorful look.


The Beautiful lilie include the Calla lilies, the oriental lily , lily of the valley, and the Peruvian lilies.These flowers stand out from just about every other flower in a wedding bouquet.


The awesome and fresh looking wildflowers are a great choice for bridal bouquets which could include daisies and Gerberas.These flowers are wonderful for a natural country wedding bouquet.

A very fragrant and lovely flower is the Stephanotis which has delicate blossoms.

The Orchid comes in white Japhet,lush cumbidiums,dendrobiums, and vandal.Your wedding bouquet will look very elegant looking with the orchid.

The Carnations which come in a huge variety of colors are great to add to any bouquet.

Styles for your bouquet

The arm bouquets compose of long stemmed flowers that are hand tied or French braided with ribbon

The tussie-mussieis a hand tied bouquet of flowers whose stems have been cut to a manageable length and trimmed with ribbon.

The nosegay is a small, round arrangement, in a holder or hand tied

The following videos will give you some more great ideas for bridal bouquets.

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