Wedding Centerpieces for the table

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Couples today are now realizing the importance of making their wedding day a reflection of themselves. One of the best ways to emphasize their style is by having alternative table centerpieces.

Here are some examples of alternative centerpieces

Place a large amount of small neutral color rocks of different shapes in the center of the table along with some seashells. Place neutral colored candles in varying sizes, from pillars to tea lights, in-between the rocks (make sure your small stones are cleaned first). Keep this lit for the entire reception for an elegant look.

To create an Oriental-themed reception use clear, square-shaped bowls filled with smooth rocks, a small amount of water and three to four pieces of bamboo in varying heights.This will create a stunning look.

Another look is to fill a large vase with water and put inside of this a large floater candle. Use coordinating flower petals to place around the outside of the vase.

My favorite idea for a rectangular table centerpiece is to take an inexpensive door mirror and place it down in the center of the table. Paint the sides of the mirror to coordinate with your wedding colors. Place different sizes of candles of the same color on the mirror. Sprinkle gold confetti on the mirror once the candles are in place.

Remember to keep things personalized, simple, and elegant for your wedding reception.

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