Beach Wedding

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Using Florida as an example with having hundreds of miles of beautiful beachs,you may want to do something fun and different and have a memorable beach wedding. Lovers today want to do something that isn't anything like their parents did many years ago. Many couples are getting married for the first or second time and would like something completely different. Older couples are looking to renew their vows in a fresh and exciting new way. A beach wedding is the answer to these fresh ideas. Also in addition to the rules regarding the use of beaches from the State, you will find there are many other considerations you will need to take into account when planning this type of wedding. Here are some questions one should ask when planning out your wedding.

Wedding Issues to consider

One will need to consider the time of day, weather, tides, comfort, what To wear, traditions and themes. Also will you have your wedding at sunrise, sunset, or early morning? I wouldn’t suggest that you have a wedding during the hottest time of the afternoon. Not only would it be uncomfortably hot for many people, beaches tend to be crowded during this period of the day. One should also take into consideration that, it cools down a lot in the evenings when on a beach. Remind your guests to bring sweaters, jackets, and blankets just in case they are needed.

Make sure that you check the tide schedule. Also find out how high does the tide get at the particular beach you plan on using. The last thing you will need is to be ready to suddenly pack up and leave because the tide may be coming in and you didn't foresee this.

It is a good idea to start planning your wedding several months in advance, you'll need to determine the type of weather that normally occurs around your wedding date. Be prepared to have back up plan if it rains or if the day is unusually cold or extremely hot. This is very important to take into consideration. Also you should put this information on your wedding invitations so that guests will know where to go if there is a sudden change in plans.

Prepare ahead and take a trip to the beach at the time of day you wish to have your wedding. Check on the noise level at the ceremony location. Also check for how loud the traffic from the road is. Are there a lot of seagulls around? What about the sound from the crashing waves? The problem is that all of these can drown out your ceremony and the speeches said at your beach wedding.

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