How to Alter a Bridal Gown.

The bridal gown will be one of the most important piece of clothing that you will wear in your entire life. The bridal Gown alteration is one of the most difficult garments to alter, especially around the bust area. If you are working on your own bridal gown or someone else's dress, here are some important steps that will help you alter the garment.

1.Start by altering the bridal gown by turning the dress inside out. Next make all markings on the seams of the inside lining.

2.You will need to gather the fabric in between your fingers, along the side seams of the bust and skirt of the dress, so that it fits snugly against the person who is wearing the dress. Get a friend to help you out on this . Have her put the dress on.

3.Next put some pins along the seam to hold it in place against the body. Be sure to keep the dress even and centered in both the front and the back of the model.

4.You will need to use a fabric pen to mark the placing of the pins. Make a small, light line with the fabric pen next to each of the pins on both sides of the seam, and then remove them, so the dress can be taken off the person who is the model.

5.Remove the existing seam using a seam ripper, be careful not to rip the fabric or cut yourself.

6.You will now need to realign the seams of the bust, using the marks you created with the fabric pin as your guide.

7.Next stitch the two layers of the gown's bust together along the new seams, using your sewing machine.

8.Now put this dress back on your friend to be sure that it fits correctly and that there is no puckering in the fabric along the seams.

9.Nest use a pair of scissors to trim off any excess fabric on either side of the new seam lines. This will help remove any bumps or wrinkles from the seams of the dress. You will need to use an iron to flatten the seams if necessary.

10.Next alter the length of the gown by first removing the hem of the dress using a seam ripper.

11. Iron to flatten out the crease where the hem once was, and then put the gowns back on your model.

12.Now gather the fabric along the bottom of the gowns and pin it to stay in place at the desire length, placing the pins all the way around the bottom of the dress.

13.Next sew the new hem of the bridal gown using your sewing machine. Now use a measuring tape to measure the length of the dress from the bust to the hem to be sure that the hem is even in the front and back of the gown. Make sure you have your shoes on that you are wearing under your gown first to get the hem right.

By following these steps this should help you save money on alterations for your bridal gown.

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