wedding gown cleaning


Wedding gown cleaning should be done right after your wedding and hopefully before the honeymoon it is important to get professional cleaning.

This is only if you want your bridal gown to last for many years to come. Now if you are going to give it away, or sell it that is a different story.

Now if you are keeping it for sentimental reasons, preservation of your wedding is important.

When you go to the dry cleaners point out to the staff at the cleaners any spilled beverages that might have spilt on your dress.

If you forget to do this the professional staff at the dry cleaners may not be able to get the stain out of the dress if it is in for a long period of time.

Next ask the cleaners to test the beads and trim with solvent before cleaning.

Some wedding gowns can’t be dry cleaned if beads are glued and not sewed on. The problem here is that the may dissolve during the cleaning process, and you could lose all of your beads and pearls.

Now before you go for your wedding gown cleaning first remove any protective shields and bra inserts. These items could cause staining over time.

Next have the wedding gown hand pressed and wrapped in acid free tissue paper. Store it in a box that’s free of acid . Try to use a acid free tissue to protect against creases and to puff up sleeves and bodice.

Avoid cellophane windows that keep air from circulating which can discolor fabric. Also don’t wrap the wedding gown in plastic. Store your gown at room temperature.

Never leave it in an attic which may get to hot or basement a which may be too damp . Make sure the room is dark because sunlight causes decomposition of fibers.

Last check the gown yearly. If slow emerging stains have appeared, bring the dress back to your professional dry cleaner. Proper wedding gown cleaning should hold up for years to come.

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