Hair styles

Your hair style has a lot to live up to on your big day!

There are a lot of beautiful choices to choose from. It’s your special day and there are some beautiful looks ideas to choose from.Here are a some ideas for that special day.

Will it be Up or down?

Try choosing a hair style that will suit your face shape - round faces suit high updo's and sleek long styles while long faces suit styles that have width and volume.

Would you be comfortable with all your hair pulled away from your face? Consider having some hair up and some down, or leaving wispy bits around you face to soften.

Is your Hair Curly or straight?

Once you have decided to wear you hair up or down, the possibilities are endless. Curls are soft and romantic, as are pleats, twists, plaits to the bun.

Or perhaps you might prefer a more contemporary spikes and twists style.


A Veil should compliment your hairstyle but not hide it. If you have chosen a large floor-length veil, your hairstyle needs to be sturdy enough to hold it's shape until you take the veil off.

Some veils look better sat at the back of the head under a mass of curls or a bun.

Hair checklist

1. Do a trial run with your stylist as soon as your wedding date is set. You should, take along a photo of your dress, and any headpiece or hair accessories.

2. Next find out if you need to grow your hair length, improve the condition with conditioning treatments, change the color or add some highlights.

3. One should never shampoo the hair or use conditioning treatments on the wedding day.

4. On the day of the wedding make sure the bridal party wear button or zip-up clothes.

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