Latino Wedding

The Latino Wedding is an appropriate and beautiful way torevive Latino traditions sense it is through marriage and family life that these cultural customs continue and are passed on to future generations.

By incorporating Latino Wedding customs, one will deepen the significance of ones wedding and honor the past generations that establish and preserve these meaningful traditions.

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Spain led a strong significant Foundation in the development of Latin American culture and language in the New World in the 15th century. This has given way to some of today’s customs for Latinos weddings

Godparents have played an important role in many Latino weddings today.

This system developed as an extended family support Network. The earliest colonial settlers lived far away from their families in Spain and sometimes needed non-related guardians for their children in case the Parents became incapable of raising them.

Partly religious and partly traditional in origin, the practice of selecting godparents for events such as a baptism and weddings has given people of Spanish descent an assured sense of moral responsibility and strong community of identity.

The colonists were devote Catholics and they had built several missions as part of Spain's plan of the new world.

To maintain their Christian identity among the natives , for wedding celebrations kept certain religious symbolism such as the ceremonies of the veil (el- velo), cord (el-lazo), and 13 coins (las arras).

Were not for the village folks who continue to observe these customs, the historians and anthropologists who recorded their nuptial there would be nothing personal and cultural left in Latina weddings today.

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