The Latino Pre-Wedding Parties

The Latino Pre-Wedding Parties

Within your wedding there will come many opportunities for parties. The most common are showers, the bridal gathering, and the bachelor party.


The modern-day shower has evolved from the centuries old practices of the dowry system. In the Spanish dowry system, the bride or her father gave a dowry to the groom or to the Groom and his family.

In the past in the Latino community, once the father of the bride gave permission for his daughter to marry, the groom assumed financial responsibility for her and the entire wedding.

The members of the wedding party*padrinos* help with the wedding expenses by sponsoring such items as the of flowers, favors, invitations ,cake, or decorations.

In addition, though the bride and groom are showered with gifts from their registry at pre wedding parties traditional showers also featured was Latino food, Latino music, and decorations such as lace fans..

The Bachelorette and Bride parties.

The Bachelorette bash or bridal gathering is a party given by either the bride or someone close to the bride to celebrate, her last days as a single woman with her attendants, relatives, and closest friends.

The gathering of friends can be a dinner at an Mexican restaurant, a party in the bride's home, a gathering at a club, or at a picnic.

Gifts are exchanged at these gatherings the bride presents her attendants with special keepsakes of the wedding and thanks all present for their help and support in planning her upcoming wedding.

The bride typically receives a gift of lingerie from the attendants at the bachelorettes party.

In similar fashion, the groom, or someone close to him hosts a party for his close friends and attendance. One should plan to hold a bachelor party at least one week before the wedding, so that it will not compete with any last-minute events.

The bachelor party has earned a reputation, but many parties are quieter affairs centered around a camping trip, sports event, or dinner out.

A round of toasts is made to bid adios* to the groom past and to wish him well. It is an old, but costly, custom to make a toast in the name of the bride and smash the glasses so that no toasts of a higher order can be made.

Some grooms take this opportunity to present gifts such as engraved key rings, leather wallets, or pewter mugs to their attendants.