Latino Engagement

You are engaged congratulations and viva el amor!. Before starting to look into the many details that will be comprised of your wedding, enjoy this time of happiness with your spouse to be.

A Latino wedding is traditionally a family affair. One can count on ones parents to be the main representatives of your household to relate the good news, so tell them first. The announcement is guaranteed to travel quickly through the family communication network.

A party for the celebration may be in order soon and this will give the future families a chance to meet if they haven't already.

Next formally announce your engagement through your community news papers.

One should contact the society or lifestyle editor and ask for an engagement announcement forms. Some newspapers will include ones engagement photograph with the announcement.

During this time, the token of the engagement is given. The groom to be will present the engagement ring, usually this is a diamond solitaire, to his future bride as a symbol of promise, Love and remembrance.

Some other engagement jewelry may be a birthstone setting from an heirloom piece that could be customized and updated for this special occasion.

A fine jeweler can work on your design preferences in selecting an engagement ring to complement your wedding bands.

If one uses gold or silver for the wedding bands this follows in the spirit of the conquistadors, who found an abundance of these precious metals a among the Incas and Aztec civilizations in the mines of the Southwestern United States.

The bands will be exchanged during the wedding ceremony to symbolize the strength of love.

It was customary in rural villages, when a man was interested in a woman, that he would try to impress her by serenading her at sundown. She would sit buy her window and listen to his romantic songs.

If she reciprocated the interest, she would invite him into her home to meet her family. Her father would inquire about his background to ensure that he that his daughter would be marrying a decent man.