The Dinner Reception

The Wedding Reception is another important event for your wedding. I remember when a good friend of mine had hers. Actually it was an event I will never forget.

It was a little stressful at first but once things started rolling everything started to go little more smoothly and the evening only got better.

We had the reception in Atlanta GA at a popular Mexican restaurant with great food.

The day before the wedding, and with all those who will participate in the ceremony such as parents, godparents-sponsors should gather to practice their roles under the direction of the officiant or wedding coordinator.

The members of the wedding party should respect the wedding coordinator authority so that everything can work out right before for the wedding.

A full, smoothed out rehearsal will work wonders to reduce your anxiety about the ceremony. The bride to be should take her check list of wedding responsibilities and note any items forgotten or overlooked.

The wedding party should practice to make be sure of their parts.

The wedding party should manage their time wisely starting with the rehearsal time in late afternoon, so that there will be time to enjoy each other companies and still leave early enough for all to get plenty of rest for the full day that follows.

The rehearsal dinner is an intimate and relax time with those closest to you and your entourage.

It follows the rehearsal and is traditionally hosted by the groom's family or by godparents- sponsors for the wedding party and their dates or spouse.

Whether the dinner is for all, like a sit down dinner or a potluck supper at home, take this time to enjoy the company of your wedding party.

Next you should review your notes for the wedding and celebrate the unity of two families and two people in love.

You might want to purchase a special memory book and have everyone at the rehearsal dinner write their thoughts and best wishes in it.

The dinner is also another opportunity for the bride and groom to present tokens of appreciation to their parents, and godparents' sponsors if thank-you gifts haven't already been given out.