Wedding Dress Shopping

When you start wedding dress shopping most gowns are made to order, you’re not likely to find a shop that has samples of every dress in every size.

To get a since of how a gown will look. A consultant will pin the gown to fit or have you try a similar dress on that fits. In wedding dress shopping the gown you choose will be ordered in your size, then altered to fit perfectly.

Don’t be surprised if the size that is ordered is larger than you generally wear. The wedding dress is sized differently than ordinary clothes

While wedding dress shopping inquire in advance about the fee for alterations. Costs for alterations are not usually included in the price of the gown.

Some shops charge a flat fee, others will according to work required, which can range from taking in the waist , shortening sleeve,s and hems, to adding appliqués or beadwork.

If there is hem detail, order the gown in the length you need. So the hem will not have to be altered.

Since you are wedding dress shopping expect to return to the shop at least for two fittings.

Three or four are sometimes necessary . make and write the appointment in your calendar shortly after ordering your gown, so that the time reserved on your bys schedule

Be sure that your gown is short enough. The bottom line : The hem of the gown should gently skim the front of the shoe area.