A twist to bridal registry

Bridal Registry Ideas

If you are getting married for the second time or already have a lot of items because of a home you already own here are some ideas to help with your bridal registry.

In Buffalo, NY Mary Kate wedding guests didn’t find fine china on her gift registry. Perhaps a oversized serving platter? Yes. Fancy china? No

Mary’s mother kept telling her to do it,” Mary says,a 29 year old physical therapist who lives with her husband, John in Upstate New York. Mary just thought to herself china ,what would I do with china? But in her day , of course, that’s what a bride did, she thought about space and thought, to herself am I really going to use these plates for but only once a year.

Now thanks to a new twist with wedding parties called pre wedding parties including a couple’s shower, Mary and John received everything they needed for their new home. So when they went to Linen’s and things they registered for what mary call specialty items such as a gravy boat or barware.

Now many brides aren’t registering for the same types of gifts or even in the same places, as their moms. The trend toward second marriages or later life marriage puts a spin on the traditional bridal registry. Between the two of them, many brides and bridegrooms already own a mixer, a blender and a toaster, they don’t need more stuff. Or if they do, it’s going to have to be specific.