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So you were thinking about a natural outdoor field wedding location. A friend of mine had her wedding location in a very scenic area where there were lots of beautiful wildflowers and butterflies.

The day was one of those rare days not to sunny or cloudy. The wind gave a breeze that was soft and warm. You could have just sit there for hours relaxing and enjoying the ceremony almost hoping that it would not end early.

Well if you are planning this type of a natural wedding here are some wild flowers that you can plant yourself. By planting the wild flowers yourself you will be able to have some control on the different colors of flowers you may like to have.

First start off with the colors in your wedding incorporate those colors with the wildflowers colors. Now if your colors are white and yellow here are some ideas.

The Baby Snap Dragon, The Cosmos Flowers, Queen Anne’s Lace, and the Sweet Alyssum are all wildflowers that will come out with a white color.

Now for yellow wildflowers try the Blazing Star, Calendula, Desert Marigold, and the Yellow Prairie Cone Flowers. These flowers will give you the yellow you may be looking for. Make sure before planting the wildflowers seeds that you check for the height of the flowers.

If you have wildflowers that will grow really tall put them in back of your shorter flowers. The reason for this is because you want to be able to see all your flowers without the taller flowers blocking the view of the shorter flowers.

Now if you have decided to have a rainbow colored wedding there are some multicolored wildflowers available.

The flower Gloriosa Daisy, Hollyhock, Iceland Poppy, Johnny jump up, and the sweet William flower will give you some awesome mixed colors for flowers. I have been lucky to see a couple of rainbow weddings.

I love this type of wedding because each color is so beautiful that the bridesmaids are wearing. Just remember before purchasing your wildflowers to read the directions so that you can plant them early enough.

This way you will end having a beautiful outdoor wedding location.