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Just a little history. Sine the Roman times, when a thin wheat cake, representing bounty, was crumbled over the bride’s head to ensure her fertility, the wedding cake has been an important feature of the wedding celebration. In Victorian times, a wedding cake became frilly and elaborate as the bride’s attire, decorated with roses, cupids, and garlands, often the shape of romantic gazebos and cupolas. Today, bakers are creating innovative cakes that taste like fine desserts, by varying the traditional white bride’s wedding cake with favorite flavors (orange, cherry, banana, chocolate, spice, carrot, hazelnut, mocha, marble, Amaretto, cheesecake), fillings are chocolate mousse, apricot, orange liqueur, and the icings are white chocolate, mocha, vanilla, hazelnut. Today’s wedding shape and toppers reflect hobbies, occupations, and personal interests example-violin and sheet music, bicycle, exotic bird, castle, or Disney characters. Create a special setting for the cake that coordinates with the reception décor and protects it from jostling. Consider using the same tablecloths as the ones on the dining tables; add bows or a garland of flowers.

Tips for cutting the wedding cake

Cut the wedding cake

Just before dessert at a luncheon or dinner reception; just after guests have been greeted at a tea or cocktail reception.

Use a ribbon tied silver knife

A Heritage Cake Knife just received from your registry, wth your initials newly engraved is a good choice, as is an heirloom knife.

The groom places his right hand over the bride’s, and together they cut into the bottom layer.

The bride serves her new in-laws their pieces, and then the groom serves his new in-laws slices.

The rest of the cake is cut by the catering staff or a friend designed in advance, then served to all guests.

wedding cake topper

the tier of the wedding cake is saved and eaten on the couple’s first anniversary**the groom’s cake may also be used for this purpose.

How to Ice Your Own Wedding Cake Video

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