Avoiding Wedding Invitation Bloopers

Here's how to avoid wedding invitation bloopers

Always ask for a proof of your wedding invitations and read it over carefully. Here are a few things to watch for to avoid Invitation.


1. Are your names spelled correctly?

2. Are your parents’ names spelled correctly

3. Is it worded exactly the way we requested?

4. Is there a “u“ in the words “favor” or “honor” ?

5. Are the dates and times correct?

6. Is the punctuation correct for your wedding invitations?

7. Do the lines fall in the right places?

8. Is the address of the sites correct?

9. Is the paper the correct color and stock?

10. Is the Ink the correct color?

11. Is the type style correct?

Make a list of the corrections needed. Ask the printer to make the changes. Make a note of the date a revised proof will be ready. Ask to see the revised proof to make sure the corrections were made, this way you will avoid wedding invitation bloopers.


The American Wedding Invitation!

Enjoy this festive wedding reception

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