A Lush tropical Honeymoon in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the perfect choice for a honeymoon if you like to spend your time relaxing in beautiful surroundings.

With several national parks and a stunning coastline, Costa Rica has countless of natural attractions.

The capital of Costa Rica is the city of San Jose, which has a nice climate and is home to many impressive museums, where you can discover the archaeology, sculpture, art, and history of Costa Rica.

The 19th century National Theater is the best place to see a performance in theater, ballet, opera, or perhaps the National Symphony Orchestra.

The city of Jose also has many colorful markets, ideal for buying souvenirs of your honeymoon.

The Costa Rica's Pacific coast offers everything from deserted beaches to busy ports. There are many popular beaches for swimming or just simply relaxing on the warm white sands.

The areas’ tropical rain forest provides the backdrop to the lovely coastline, and there are scores of tranquil islands just off the coast.

The best and most historic national park in Costa Rica is Santa Rosa, in the northwest.

This park contains the largest section of tropical dry forest that remains in Central America, and is an important nesting place for rare sea turtles.

Also in the northwest is the Volcan Arenal national park, which there is a central volcano which offers a spectacular view, particularly at night.

Conservation is a topic that is taken seriously in Costa Rica, and during your stay there, you will see that the tropical wildlife is highly respected and carefully preserved.

This is just another reason to spend your honeymoon in beautiful Costa Rica.