Money Saving Honeymoon Tips

With the cost of the airline tickets being so high what can you do to cut costs.

Airfare to your destination can be cheaper if you decide to travel to a less congested, smaller airport that is further away from the city.

For example, the flights to the Miami International Airport is usually more expensive and then the neighboring airline at the Fort Lauderdale florida.

Next try using an online service. Try Hotels. COM, to find reduced room rates or

You can also try to bid on your travel needs at . usually guarantees only legitimate travel vacation packages on their auction block.

Try booking a guest room at an inexpensive, no referrals Hotel, then pay a nominal fee at a resort to use the spa or the fitness center.

You may also might want to look into a bed and breakfast instead a hotel.

To save on be expensive hotel surcharges for outgoing calls ask the hotel concierge to do this for you. You'll save yourselves the expense of the Hotel surcharges for outgoing calls.

Also have the hotel concierge book your restaurant or theater reservations.

You can also save money by staying in a hotel with a full kitchen. You will save money if you prepare your own meals.

Instead of spending your money on the hotel breakfast buffet try picking up some bagels from a comer bakery and some fruit from a small local deli in the neighborhood.

If you plan on doing a lot of traveling try to get a all day transit pass. You might be able to find a weekend transit pass that could also save you money also.

Go to a travel agent and request a travel packet. Triple A has a lot of travel packets with some really great coupons. Theses packets will give you suggestions for walking tours, calendars, coupons and free maps.

Try to set up a registry for your honey moon at

This site will provide registry cards. Once register you family and friends can purchase meals and activates, such as a spa treatment or jet ski rentals as wedding gifts.