Roles of the african american bridesmaid or matron of honor

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Helps coordinate activities before and during ceremony.

Attends all pre-wedding parties

May arrange the bridal shower

May help record shower and wedding gifts

May act as an official witness for the marriage license.

The bridesmaids calms the bride nerves.

Helps the bride dress for the ceremony and for departure from the reception.

Greets the officiany(s)if the wedding is at home.

Arranges the wedding gown train before the processional and rearranges for the recessional.

Holds the brides train and removes her headpiece before the reception

Stands next to the couple in the receiving line.

Helps with introductions of guests and with directing the photographer at reception.

Sits on the bridegroom's left side at the bridal table.

All bridesmaids

Help with pre-wedding activities and errands

Attend all pre-wedding parties

May co host a bachelorette party.

May help to prepare wedding favors and place cards

Stand with the couple in the receiving line

Circulate at the reception, acting as deputy hostesses

The Junior BridesMaids

Usually are 10 to 14 years old

Walk with the bridal party

May be dressed in smaller versions of the bridesmaids dresses or in dresses more appropriate for their ages

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