Amy Michelson

Amy Michelson was born in Wyckoff New Jersey to a Quaker Family. Ms michelson studied fine art at the Bard College and fashion at New York’s Parson School of Design. Some of her celebrity clientele have been Geena Davis, Halle Barry, Michelle Pfeifer, and Selma Hayek.

Amy's collection of silk gowns are cut to look sexy, liquid, and feminine. Sophisticated and elegant, Amy's bias cut wedding gowns evoke the enchantment of Hollywood's golden era yet are fresh looking.

Amy Michelson is a recipient of the prestigious Couture Bridal 2001 & 2003 Designer of The Year Award and a nominee for the 2003 Debi Award.

Amy Michelson is the founder of Love is the Cure. This is a non-profit organization uniting individuals and the wedding industry to help women and their families meet the challenges of breast cancer.

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