Wedding Planning on a budget

Is your wedding planning on a budget?

No matter what your reason is there are tons of ways that you can save a great amount of money on your wedding. By carefully planning and using the tips and hints in this article you can save yourself over 50% easily. Trying to cut costs and pull off a low cost wedding does not need to be hard. Yet, given up things and cutting corners to lower costs can be hard for someone wanting a traditional wedding.

Here are ways to cut costs and still have a traditional wed ding.

Use a wedding budget worksheet. There are tons of these available online some are free and some charge you for the use of the worksheet. However many of these can help provide you with some great ideas for saving money. They will also give you little reminders and categories to organize your thoughts in.It will be necessary to make some adaptations to your wedding planning for your particular budget.

Typically wedding planners say to budget roughly $100 dollars per guest for the wedding and then allocate the money to the categories that are important to you. Of course the more formal the wedding ideal is the more expensive it will typically be.

Ways to Save?

After you have developed a wedding planning budget you will need to add in the approximate costs and your time to review, revise, and save for your wedding. Go back over the planned budget and see if there are places where you can cut expenses. For example if $250 dollars were planned for the wedding favors you might be able to cut expenses in this area and reduce your overall costs by making the favors yourself. Also make sure you always do some comparison shopping.

Never decide to use a photographer, deejay, or wedding officiant without first interviewing them and calling around to get rates of other professionals. By carefully planning and fully using a budget spreadsheet you can find lots of ways to save money. Buying in the off season, looking for store discounts, and factory outlets will help save money.

Another way to save money is to pick the theme carefully. As stated above a traditional wedding will cost more then a non traditional counterpart wedding. For example a beach themed wedding will often be less expensive then the more formal church wedding.

Just think about it at a beached themed wedding you guests can wear shorts, a Hawaiian shirt, and flip flops instead of the traditional suits. Yes you can still wear a beautiful wedding dress but chances are it will be less formal and therefore less expensive then a traditional wedding dress.Just make sure to watch your wedding planning carefully.

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