The Rehearsal dinner for the African American Bride


Now it is time for your wedding rehersal. It is now becoming more and more popular for the wedding rehearsal to be held in the late afternoon, the day before the wedding followed by a rehearsal dinner.


Often the grooms parents or relatives enjoy hosting this event because it draws them a little closer into the wedding circle. However, any close friend or relative of either family member could opt for this honor. Often, the rehearsal dinner is a informal, stand up-up buffet with a relaxed and undressy atmosphere.It could also be a sit down dinner at home, at a club, or a restaurant with place cards. Guests at the wedding rehearsal dinner include all members of the wedding party, both sets of parents, the minister or judge and his wife. The spouses or finances of members of the bridal party are included. Unless there is something else planned for out-of town guests, it is considerate to include them too.


At his time the bride and groom may give their attendants their presents if they have not already done so. This is also a good time to sign the marriage license, which is then given to the best man for keeping until just before the ceremony, at which time it is presented to the clergyman or judge.

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