Bridal shower games

Looking for fun activities to entertain your shower guests? These are great games whether your guests are traditional or a little crazy; you can try one of these great bridal shower games.

Creating a Wedding dress bridal shower game

The toilet paper wedding dress game. First divide the guests into two or more teams of at least three people each. The teams are given rolls of toilet paper, and each team chooses a bride. Give the teams 25 minutes to create a wedding dress on their bride using the toilet paper. At the end of the allotted time, vote for the best wedding dress, and give prizes to the winners.

The Clothespin bridal shower game

To begin, choose a certain word such as flower girl, groom, wedding, etc. When each guest comes into the party, hand them a clothespin Then, if someone hears another person saying that certain word, they get to take that person's clothespin. The person with the most clothespins at the end of the party wins. You can also try another variation and that is a guest loses her clothespin when she crosses her legs, a hard task for a party full of women.

The Purse Hunt bridal shower Game

The object of this game is to divide guests into teams of two or three, giving them a list of slightly unusual items, including a few I can’t believe that you would carry that in your purse! items. Assign points to each item based on the likelihood that someone will have it in their purse. For example a lipstick carries 10 points, a can opener 90 points. The team with the most points is the winner. Another variation is to call out items as the bride is opening presents, giving a small individual prize for each item.

The Cotton Head bridal shower game

Choose a guest to go first, and sit her in the middle of the room. Hand her a bowl full of cotton balls and a spoon, and blindfold her. The object of the game is to pile as many cotton balls on your own head as possible within a certain amount of time 40 seconds or so. After everyone has had a turn, the guest who got the most cotton balls on her head wins a prize.

The who Am I game bridal shower game

Before the party, make a list of famous people these can be real: Jennifer Lopez and Harry Hamlin, fictional: the jet sons, contemporary: David and Courtney Cox Arquette. Other famous people: Lindsay lohan. Choose people that your guests are likely to know. Write each name down separately on nametags and as each guest arrives, put a nametag without showing them on their back. Their task is to go around the party and ask yes or no questions about their secret identity. An example, I a fictional character or am I a woman?