Bridesmaids Gowns Fall Colors

So you are having a fall wedding and you wanted to know what are some to the hottest colors for bridesmaids gown.

Some of the news colors for fall are Marine which is like a deep exotic blue. Now Print is another color which is like a very deep rose.

This is the type of deep rose that you see ion expense rings. Sangria which as an perfected rich looking purple. Clover is a deep robust affluent looking green.

There is also some other vivid colors. Such as deep watermelon a fall looking color and Wisteria which is another huge of the purple family.

Some of the bridal salons that are carrying these rich colors is the House of Brides, The Alyce designs bridesmaids collection, Alfred Angelo, and the modern maids bridesmaids collection.

Now after looking at all of the new colors and bridesmaids you find this out of your budget range for you and your girls who are in the wedding you can have then made.

First start off with going to your local sewing center and look through their collection of fall fabrics. If you don’t see what you are looking for do an internet search.

Have the fabric mills manufactures send you sample of their fabrics. Remember to start early on this if you are ordering online. Also before ordering pick out a pattern and check the sizes and look to se how much material you will need.

It is always important to measure yourself and your bridesmaids to be accurate on the amount of fabric you will need to order. Next before ordering always add on about a half yard extra on each order.

When you wash your fabric in most cases it usually shrinks a little. Also this will be helpful to your seamstress in case she needs more fabric for the bridesmaids gowns.

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