A Honeymoon in California

Sunshine State

California is known as the sunshine state. If you've visited the beautiful sands and turquoise seas of California before, you are sure to be eagerly awaiting your return to this beautiful, state.


has so much to offer a couple such as it’s legendary surf and sunbathing. The California Mountains which punctuate the landscape, offering skiing and hiking, plus there are many forests, waterfalls, hills, and deserts. There are three major national parks in California, which are the Yosemite, Sequoia, and Joshua tree parks, which are located in the east and include some dramatic sights. The gnarled and twisted trees of the Joshua tree national park is a wonderful place to take a stroll on a warm evening.


California also has plenty of history, including some fascinating Native American rock carvings and the ghostly towns abandoned at the end of the Gold Rush.

There are plenty of legendary destinations in California such as Hollywood, Disneyland, Beverly Hills, Malibu, and Palm Springs. With a beautiful backdrop of snowcapped mountains, Los Angeles is the biggest city in California. This city has beaches, freeways, malls, and art museums in this thrilling metropolitan city, which has a style of its own.

The city of San Diego is a popular destination. In addition to a superb coastline, the city enjoys an excellent climate and has a distinctive Mediterranean feel.

In the northern part of California there is the lively and cultured city of San Francisco, which seduces visitors with its relaxed charm, wonderful architecture, parks, and amazing nightlife. Its breathtaking hilly setting offers superb views of the surrounding countryside and the tranquil bay.

California is a state with many welcoming small towns; perfect for exploring and discovering which is a perfect honeymoon destination.

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