Cheap Indoor wedding flower Ideas


Well now you are deciding to perhaps to have an indoors setting for your wedding ceremony.Here are some great ideas on having a cheap indoor wedding with flowers and geenery.

Your fireplace could be filled with luscious green plants, or the mantel may be decorated with green roping or an arrangement of flowers such as roses or lillies.

Most florists and rental stores have stands available for flowers, potted plants, or candles, as well as arches, kneelers, stanchions or prie-dieu.

A lovely bay window is also a great choice for your ceremony, but you may need to be sure there is no glare using the time of your ceremony, otherwise you will look like mere silhouettes to the guests.

If there is no fireplace or bay window ,a screen or backdrop of greens may be places against a wall backdrop for the ceremony. In the evening ,draperies that are closed will make a soft, attractive background for the ceremony.

Your cheap flowers that you may have caught on sale will make a lovely background for photographs.

When posing for your pictures, be sure to give some thought to the background, as many good shot have been spoiled when taken in front of an open kitchen door or a view of the parking lot.

Video on Flower Arrangement