Cheap wedding reception ideas


Great Ideas

Here are some ideas for a cheap wedding reception . In some cases friends and relatives may offer to prepare refreshments, help serve, and clean up for your reception. Decide in advance what you are going to serve.

Next will it be served on select platters of pastel colors for spring or bold colors for autumn and winter.

The bowls, china, flatware, napkins, and glasses along with serving utensils, flower holders, and candlesticks should have a color scheme that works well together.

For instance will you be using the colors of yellow and purple for a pretty summer look. Tape a small piece of paper for handy reference to each bowl and platter with the label written clearly for the fruit bowl, cheese platter, sandwiches, etc. and place the appropriate serving utensils to be used for each platter in each bowl.

You can even make a diagram of the buffet table in advance. Most communities have party rental stores where much of the equipment may be rented. The advantage here is that the buffet table will have an attractive, uniform look instead of giving a pot-luck impression for your reception .

An Appealing Style

To be sure that everything will go smoothly, designate someone reliable to be in charge of the kitchen and station another person at the refreshment table to see that platters are kept filled and remain appetizing with an appealing look, and designate someone to pour the champagne, serve punch or handle the bar.

These cheap wedding reception ideas should help you save money in the long run and look pretty nice also.

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