The Black American Women's Engagement

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You’re going to spend your lives together, and you’ve got a shared vision of the formalized commitment.

What a joy it is to share that news with the world. You’ll be greeted by hugs, even tears, and with the great price that the Black community bestows on those who are carrying on the traditions of sharing and building a family.

The way the two of you announce your engagement , both formally and informally can strengthen your relationship with those closest to you and let the world know of the love and pride with that you take this momentous step.

Family, friends, colleagues, and associates with all take their cues from the style and presentation of your announcements.

To avoid unintentionally overlooking someone special, follow your head as well as your heart by deciding in advance on the best order and the best circumstances for these most important announcements.

The following checklist will help you keep track of those you want to tell personally.

Checklist for telling Family and friends.

Example: Engagement checklist

Name__________________ Note ____________________

Date Told ____________

Name___________________ Note____________________

Date Told______________

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