Fresh wedding flower

Whatever decorations you decide a fresh wedding flower will probably be used for your bridal bouquet, your bridesmaids, for the boutonnières of your groom and his groomsmen, and for corsages for special relatives . When starting out look for that fresh wedding flower that caught your eye.

First start your search for the perfect florist up to a year ahead and place your final order no later than four month before the ceremony, preferable six.

As with any other aspect of your wedding planning, finding someone to really fix everything just right which may mean interviewing several prospects. Perhaps you and your finance had attended a wedding or party where you really liked the floral arrangements.

Perhaps that fresh wedding flower display caught your eye, well get the name of the florist and in each case and make an appointment.

The fresh wedding flower

Apple Blossoms –good fortune

Blue Violets – faithfulness

Gardenias – for joy

Lilacs –for first love

Lily of the Valley – for the return of happiness

Orchids – for passion

Roses for romance

Fresh Wedding Flowers Video