Hawaii a land of love

Hawaii has an exotic collection of tropical islands surrounded by the deep blue Pacific sea.

Hawaii is a beautiful honeymoon choice for newlyweds. The four main islands of Hawaii are Maui, Big Island, Kauai and Oahu. Each of these islands is ethnically diverse in population, unified through a strong Hawaiian culture.

The Oahu Island is where you will find Honolulu, the capital, and the lively city of Waikiki. Oahu Island is also home to the famous Sunset Beach.

There are all types of water sports to be enjoyed off the coast of Oahu, including surfing, snorkeling and diving. If one heads inland you will discover dramatic mountains and valleys, plus countless fields of pineapples other fruits.

The second largest Hawaiian island is Maui.

It is s composed of two huge volcanoes, divided by a valley. The landscape of the island features cattle ranches, lush rain forests and eucalyptus groves.

Maui's beaches are renowned for their beauty, and you will discover a beautiful scenery through snorkeling.

The Kauai Island is called the Garden Island for its lush vegetation.

The volcano at its center, Mount Waialeale, is believed to be the wettest place on earth. The coastal cliffs offer superb views and the beaches are, as you would expect in Hawaii, just gorgeous.

The Big Island, also called Hawaii, encompasses a great amount of geographic diversity.

This includes several active volcanoes, a National Park and the world's largest cattle ranch. A place with endless adventure.

Flowers are everywhere in Hawaii, scenting the air with their beautiful fragrances and often woven into beautiful garlands known as leis.

Hawaiian cuisine is infused with numerous influences and features a huge array of fresh fruits and vegetables. There is so much to do in Hawaii, and a romantic honeymoon is the ideal way to experience these beautiful islands.