Outdoor Wedding

So you have decided to have an outdoor wedding at your home or that of a close relative. This adds a warm ,personal touch to the celebration. Here are some helpful ideas to get your started for that wedding.

First you will need start planning early. Learn to delegate responsibilities to friends and family or hire a wedding consultant.

Next what type of style will this wedding have, or what will be your theme. Will this be in a garden that you have in the backyard? Will this be a country wedding. The site, destination ,and ceremony all needs to be planned out carefully.

Stick to a detailed, realistic timetable to eliminate pre wedding stress.

Invite the neighbors, since there will be increased noise and congestion in the neighborhood.

Set up several bars outside and inside hire enough bartenders, waiters, and waitresses.

Create an aisle trimmed with garlands of greens. Consult your florist for more ideas.

Send a map with your invitations if you think guests may have difficulty locating the outdoor site .

Have a plan B if it starts to rain. Will you be able to go inside your home or will you have tents set up. Also be ready for any other weather related emergencies such as high winds. A outdoor wedding can be beautiful one but make sure you are watching the weather conditions.

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