Wedding Flowers are very special

Wedding Flowers are very special. If you plan to do your own flowers, or have family members to help, then you'll be interested in the language of flowers.

It was back in Victorian days when floriography was taken very seriously. The so called tussie-mussies called (bouquets) conveyed not so secret messages. If a women carried red roses, it indicated passionate thoughts, a sweet pea said “meet me” and a lily of the valley hinted happiness. Here are to enjoy several blossoms and what they mean.

Amaryllis –splendor

Ambrosia – love returned

American Linden – matrimony

Bluebell – loyalty

Bridal rose - - joyous love

Cape Jasmine – bliss

China rose – new beauty

Chrysanthemum, red – I Love you

Chrysanthemum, white – honesty

Clover - think of me

Daffodil – fondness

Daisy – innocence

Forget-me-not – true love

Gardenia – ecstasy

Hibiscus – delicate beauty

Honeysuckle – devoted affection

Ivy – fidelity

Jasmine – friendliness

Yellow jasmine – elegance

Lily of the valley – joy

Purple lilacs – first love

Red rose – passion

Red tulip – proclamation of love

Violet – you occupy my thoughts