Style of Wedding Dress

What will the style of your wedding be?

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The wedding dress you choose will depend on the formality and style of the wedding itself. Will it be traditional and formal? Contemporary or less formal? It’s helpful to have decided on that before you buy the wedding dress.

But if you want to wear an ornately elegant wedding dress to your semiformal do, go right ahead! Remember, at your wedding , you’re the belle of the ball, so it’s okay to stand out.

The time of year that you plan to get married may eliminate certain choices because some fabrics and styles are better suited for different seasons.

Your wedding date will also control how much time you have to spend shopping, ordering, and customizing your gown. Many custom-ordered wedding dresses require as much as three to six months for delivery, and fittings may take another month or two.

Even if you buy a gown right off the rack, it will still take time to have it altered, so you must keep your time frame in mind when shopping.

If you’re submitting a portrait to your local newspaper along with your wedding announcement, your gown will need to be ready even earlier, since most newspapers require photos four to six weeks in advance.