summer wedding flowers

So your planning for a wedding to be in the summer months. If you are like most of us you probably on a budget.

Here are some ideas for flowers for the summer months depending on your wedding colors for summer wedding flowers.

If your colors for your wedding include the color blue try some baby blue eye flowers. These flowers are blue with a white middle. Now some other varieties is the Baby Snapdragon, which are tiny blue Iris like flowers.

For a blue pastel color try the Blue Flax or the Linum Perennial Lewisii which is the botanical name. If you are looking for a deeper blue flower the California Bluebell or for its botanical name Phacelia Campanularia has that darker blue color for summer wedding flowers.

Now if your the bride who likes the color pink try the Rose Mallow Flower. For other varieties of pink flowers there is the Showy Evening Primrose or Oenothera Speciosa flower which has a glistening shell pink color.

Now the Farewell to Spring flower or the botanical name Clarkia Unguiculata is a fluffy light pink flower. If your wedding colors include purple try the Prairie Aster, Lemon Mint, the Foxglove or the Dame’s Rocket Flower .

You may want to include some white with you purple flowers. The annual baby’s Breath are white, sweet and tiny. Now the Shasta Daisy is a large white and yellow flower which will compliment your purple color for your wedding.

Do your research early because you should not only be able to get some great ideas for your summer wedding flowers but maybe catch some flowers on sale.