Thank you notes examples

Before one begins writing the individual notes to your bridesmaids', grooms men's, matron, or made a honor and best man, as well as any other honor attendant you appoint, take a moment and list for each person the three things they did during your wedding planning that stood out. For instance you might write down, Linda always plans our Tuesday lunchtime manicure ritual, she found the cutest little shoe store and managed a few problems with a cousin of mine. When you write any thank-you notes now , you’ll have your details all laid out for you.

A quick note of thanks through this process, such as right after Linda gave my cousin the advice that she needed, my cousin gave Linda a little smile of relief. You’re showing that you love her now, you see what she’s doing on your behalf and you’re not going to wait to let her know how much you appreciate her . It could be an e-mail or a quick note in the mail, even a memo left on her desk, or on her front perch all that matters is that you’re saying thank you at the right moments to all of those friends and family who are taking time out of their busy lives to do for you.


Dear Linda,

Just a quick note to say thank you for all you're doing to help me out with the wedding plans. You are so great with everything, and you're making it possible for me to enjoy this whole planning process in the midst of all the craziness. I did the right thing when I ask you to be my matron of honor. So thank you,

Love Cindy

Example #2

Dear Sue

You made my day. Take you so much for recommending James that Blue Star bakery. Your absolutely right he is outstanding, and we could hardly believe the artistry of his wedding cakes. You made our decision easy, and we wanted to thank you for helping us with this very special task.


Cindy and John