Tips on tipping

Now you may be asking yourself what about gratuities for your wedding services and will they be included in the fee. Usually it is customary to tip some of the professionals who help you make your wedding day success. Here are some tipping protocol

The Clergyman (priest, minister, rabbi)

The amount $15.00 - $25.00 –depending on ceremony size The person who pays- should be that the groom who the gives donation on to the best man, who pays after the ceremony.

Public official (judger, justice of the precocity clerk)

The amount of the flat fee of $10.00 and up. Some judges cannot accept money. Groom gives fee to the best man, who pays after the ceremony.

Ceremony assistants (alter boys, sextons, cantors, organists)

The amount is often covered by the church fee, but ask the clergyman what is customary ($10.00 to $25.00) The ceremony host pays church fee when billed: pay tips after service

Florist, baker, photographer, musicians, limosine

The amount of 15 percent for the driver; others tip only for special service The reception hosts pay bill upon receipt. Add any tip on day of service.

Waiter, waitresses, bartenders, table captains, maitred

The amount of 15 percent for services 1 to 2 percent for captains; 15 to 20 percent for maitred If included, the reception host’s pay tips with bill. If not pay after reception.

Coatroom Attendants

The amount of $1.00 to $2.00 per guest, or arrange a flat fee with the hotel of club If a flat fee, the reception hosts pay it with bill. If not, pay after reception