Information about the wedding engagement

For the average couple today there is a period of engagement before their wedding. Historically the Romans were the ones who first introduced the engagement rings. The ideals of engagements or betrothals although is much older.

The proposal these days could as easily come from the woman. Statistics although show it is still usually men who ask the questions.

Tradition the proposal was made on a bended knee, to suggest humility. This was considered to be romantic and memorable.

The engagement does not carry any legal obligations but this will provide a period on which to reflect on the decision to get marry.

A certain amount of time is also needed to plan the wedding. On average, a traditional wedding will take about year months to six months to organize.

Asking Permission

Most modern brides would expect to hear the proposal before a man asked permission from her father. Yet, it is not unusual for the man to speak to his finance’s father shortly afterwards.