Chrysanthemum Fall Wedding Flowers

If you are looking for some beautiful fall flowers for your autumn wedding here are a few ideas. First one should consider the colors of your wedding.

For instance if your colors are burnt orange and brown you may want to consider the vivid colors of the mum plants. The mum plants are known as chrysanthemums.

To start off you could add purple mums to your fall flower collection for your wedding. Purple is also a color that goes well with brown. Now for the burnt orange the deep yellow mums will go well with that color.

Now if you need more colors you may want to consider burgundy and white mums . These two colors will help add more fullness to your color arrangement.

Another great idea is to use these mums on top of your tables at the reception. You can add a bit of glamour at the base of the plants with gold foil and put a pretty bow on each of them.

These chrysanthemum will also look good in the hallway of your church and at the door of your reception. If you do use these plants in the hallway door of your reception you could add some small gold foil leaves to the scenery.

The gold foil leaves can be sprinkled on the floor around the pots for a small touch of sparkle. Remember fall is a time when your colors can become bold and vivid. This richness of these fall colors will add beauty to any fall wedding.