Wedding Pearls

So you have decided to wear pearls with your wedding gown how beautiful. Here are some tips for cleaning and taking care of your delicate pearls so that they will last for years to come.

First don’t wear your new pearls while you are applying makeup, perfume, hairspray, bathing, or swimming.

Second make sure that after you wear your pearls wipe them with a soft clothe. Your skins natural oils can damage your expensive pearls.

Third store your pearls in their own pouch. This will prevent cracking and scratching.

Fourth go to a professional jeweler to get their advice on a cleaner for your pearls.

Fifth once a year go to a local jeweler and have him or her to check the mounting and string on your pearl jewelry. By using these tips your pearls should last you for many years to come.

1. Wedding Pearls Jewelry

2. Wedding Pearls Jewelry

3. Wedding Pearls Jewelry

4. Wedding Pearls Jewelry