More great shower ideas

More great shower ideas***check out the freebie

One of the most fun things a bridesmaid gets to do is to throw a bridal shower. Coming up with themes for the gift giving isn't hard - many websites out there will tell you that some of the most common ones are spa bridal showers, kitchen showers, or lingerie bridal showers.

But what food should you serve, what activities should you plan and how do you find great invitations that reflect the theme? And what if you really want a more unique or cool theme? Las Vegas Dice-Throw Shower

All those closet gamblers, including bingo addicts, will get into the act on this one. Rent equipment and talk a few friends into providing a little action behind the tables. You’ll have the makings of a glamorous Las Vegas night.(*maybe even dress up in las Vegas style)

Cornucopia shower

Hold a shower of kitchen staples-flour,sugar,vinegar, oil, canned or packaged good---all gift able and extremely welcome in view of today’s grocery prices. Send your invitations in shopping list form, and let guests decide which items will best stock the couple’s kitchen selves.

Herb and spice shower

Here is a good solution when you want the minimum in gifts and the maximum in guests. Ask everyone , by written or casual invitation, to bring a particulate herb or spice.

Provide a decorated rack or cabinet display at the shower . It will make a compact carry-home tote for the guest of honor, with all jars neatly nestled inside.