Wedding Videographer

The wedding videographer will capture the sights as well as the sounds and movement of your special wedding day. Perhaps to ensure a quality DVD, don’t rely on a well-meaning friend who wants to offer his digital camera.

Listen if you can hire a professional do it. Start by first searching for a wedding videographer at least eight months before the weeding.

Ask your co-workers, friends, and family for recommendations . Try contacting candidates by the web or the phone and ask them about their packages and prices. Next ask can you review their sample DVD’s.

When reviewing DVD’s, note the look and sound of the DVD and whether the music is clear, voices audible, colors bright, and check for the images to see if they are clear.

Ask about the videographer’s equipment. Technology has advanced significantly making these tasks for the videographers much more easier. The wedding videographer’s equipment should not be distracting to the day’s events.

There should be no bright ,blinding lights. Also ask about the videographer’s techniques. Will the wedding videographer walk around with a hand held camera or simply set it on a tripod for the entire wedding?

The right package

The Wedding vdeographer should work with you to choose the style of DVD that suits your budget. Usually ,packages include editing the master take and perhaps a second copy is added.

Most videographers will use digital equipment so that you can state exactly what you want and what you don’t want.

Ask about special effects, such as freeze – frames and strobe techniques, and familiarize yourself with the editing styles that may be available.

If your budget is tight here is some help and ideas in the following links.

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