Wedding Guest Attire

You've gotten the invitation for your cousins’ wedding, circled the date on your calendar and started shopping for their gift, when all of a sudden it hits you – what are you going to wear? These wedding guest attire tips should be helpful.

One could begin with the invitation. Is it engraved in gold script on a heavy cream paper with formal language? Then maybe it looks like it could a formal type of wedding.

Does it ask you to come see them get hitched or will they be gathering at a beach? Wedding guests should look for a nice casual outfit. And of course, it may tell you directly on the invitation - black tie or casual attire.

Think about where the wedding will be. A Beach wedding of course will be outdoors. Try avoiding anything that will get caught in the wind. Also, avoid high-heeled shoes that will sink in the sand.

Daytime Wedding

For the Women Some suggestions for a daytime wedding is a beautiful floral dress or a skirt and a sweater set with slingback shoes. Maybe you might like a light colored suit.

Try some of those great pastels if it is in the spring. You might even try on a beautiful hat that coordinates with your outfit.

For the Men In the summertime, a light-colored suit made of linen or a seersucker suit advisable. If this is a winter wedding the weather will call for warmer clothing, like a wool suit, or a black blazer with charcoal pants, and maybe a sweater and tie underneath that blazer.

A dress shirt, tie, and dress pants is also acceptable, but try to dress it up with a blazer. If the invitation says formal, wear a dark suit. Tuxedoes are not appropriate before 6 pm.

The Evening Wedding

For a women Dress as you would if you were going out to the theater or to dinner. Try a cocktail dress something appealing to dance in. Dark Blue is fine. A dressy suit or a cocktail suit in darker colors looks sophisticated, Try to avoid beads or sequins unless the invitation specifically says black tie.

For a Man A dark suit is always appropriate. If the invitation says casual or semi-formal, you can wear a sharp blazer and slacks with a silk tie.

The Black tie

For the Woman A formal dress, usually to the floor or a cocktail dress. A silver, beaded or gold purse and formal jewelry. Also black tie weddings almost always involve dancing, so don't wear anything too constricting.

For the Man A tuxedo, or wear a dark suit blue or black. Dress as formally as you can.

Make sure not to upstage the bride!

Bridal Gowns