Wedding Registry

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Hot wedding gift ideas and the places to find them, whether the bride and groom likes Macy’s or a smaller boutique remember these do’s and don’ts when doing your registry.

Follow these helpful tips to make the process run smoothly.

Make sure that you register at least six months before your wedding date, or, if that's not possible, as soon as you can.

That way, guests can choose gifts from the registry for pre wedding events such as, in the engagement, parties or bridal shower.

Remember to plan ahead of time to see if you need an appointment to register. The registry process usually takes two to three hours per store, maybe longer if you're registering for items in several departments.

If you run out of time or patience just make another appointment. Many registry with an online component which will also allow you to go into your list at any time to search for items you may have forgotten to include.

If you prepare ahead of time. Sit down with your fiancée and discuss your needs of dislikes and likes.

Try to stay organize and treat your bridal registry with a professional attitude, as you would for a work project for a wedding planning task.

Although many registries provide computerized tracking and printouts of the gifts that are purchased for you, errors and omissions do occur. Keep your own records of gifts that you receieve, as well as the thank-you notes you sent.

If you register for the same items at more than one store, you'll need to update all lists. If you find an error, contact your registry consultants as soon as possible.

One should consider registering a national retailer as well as favorable stores. That way, a faraway guest can call, go online, or visit the local branch of the store for a list of your choices.

Many stores will take a credit card order over the phone and guests won’t even have to leave their homes.

Don't try to register during a lunch hour or on a Saturday when the stores are crowded. A weekday evening is the optimal time to do this work.

Don't register with your family members. Only your fiancée should be the one with you when you register.

Since the both of you will be sharing a home, it only makes sense for both of you to be there ensuring the registry decisions. Also Don't limit your wish list.

Don’t stint on quality or quantity, of registry items - even if fine crystal and china do not suit your lifestyle now, they might in the future, and you'll be glad you requested them.