A Rustic Wyoming honeymoon

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Wyoming is the place of real cowboy country, with rodeos, ranches, and red rock scenery. This state features two outstanding national parks, many western towns, a historic Indian Reservation.

The state of Wyoming's landscape includes mountains, a desert, and scrubland. The Bighorn Mountains are accompanied by the desert scape of Bighorn Basin, and the mountain vistas of Grand Teton National Park which is an impressive sight.

The geothermal landscape of Yellowstone and the other major national parks in the state is awesome.

The state capital of Wyoming is, Cheyenne. This quiet city is transformed every July by the vibrant Frontier Days Festival, which celebrates the Old West.

All across Wyoming you will find ranches that have changed little in decades, filled with western charm. The surrounding fields are home to countless horses and calves.

Jackson city is the liveliest town in the state. This is home to a cosmopolitan and artsy community. The city's many bars and restaurants line its old west style boardwalks.

The town of Cody, developed by Buffalo Bill, is a nice place to visit. Nearby is the Buffalo Bill Historical Center, which houses a collection of western Americana.

There is a place called the Wind River Indian Reservation, which is well worth a visit. This reservation is over a century old, this site offers a fascinating insight into the American Indian culture.

Taking your honeymoon in Wyoming will be a unique experience, uncovering an American state of distinct beauty along with strong western traditions.


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