Wedding Reception Controlling Cost

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One of your biggest expenses is going to be the reception but they're always ways of cutting costs. Whether your reception is going to be a lavish, seated affair for 200 guests, or an intimate party attended by a few close friends.

How can couples plan a reception of their dreams on a limited budget? Here are some ways to cut the cost and keep the magic.


Choose a fully furnished site or have the reception in the same setting as the ceremony. Getting married in midweek or off-season will increase savings.

If a Saturday night wedding is your desire, investigate business district restaurants and that may offer great rates. Or you can get married in a garden that is in full bloom to minimize floral expenses.

Make the most of Flora

Use in-season, locally grown flowers for centerpieces, or only one-of-a-kind Bloom, like tulips in spring. Ask to borrow floral or foliage decorations to augment purchase arrangements. Consider sharing ceremony flowers and costs with another couple married in the same church or synagogue on the same day.

Snapped it!

Use a professional photographer for the ceremony a formal photographs. Leave disposable cameras on reception tables for guests to snap candid. Compare hourly fees versus package prices.

Music, Sweet Music

Limit the number of musicians besides costing less, you'll save on meals, beverages and tapes. Or, hire a dj to provide continuous music.

Reception Ideas

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